Unc Inc is working on Kennisimpuls Waterkwaliteit

Unc Inc and a group of research institutes have started working on Kennisimpuls Waterkwaliteit. With this platform we will open up knowledge and data of the 10 involved project groups in an attempt to speed up innovation in water management.

March 18, 2019

With our office at the NDSM wharf we are surrounded by water. With recurring heat waves, more and more often we feel tempted to take a refreshing dip in the IJ lake. But how responsible is that, how clean is the surface water in our backyard?

Knowledge generated by researchers about water quality is often not available or very usable. In a broader sense too, the social or economic use of research data is very limited. Therefore we are proud to announce our collaboration with Kennisimpuls Waterkwaliteit (transl. Knowledge Impulse Water Quality).

However, unlocking knowledge is not the sole purpose of the site. The main aim is to increase the value of research into water quality by making the data practically applicable. Intended end users such as water managers, engineers, knowledge institutes, farmers or municipalities are thus enabled to realize their ambitions in the field of water quality.

Kennisimpuls Waterkwaliteit is an initiative of the Netherlands’ Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, provincial governments, drinking water companies and regional public water authorities. Through a collaborative workshop, we mapped the most important functionalities for these end users. We are now in the process of translating these insights into a good structure and clear design of the website. We expect to put the first version live at the beginning of April so stay tuned!